German football has returned: Borussia defeated Schalke 4:0

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Borussia scores four unrequited Schalke goals in the Ruhr derby

The first matches are held in the German Bundesliga after the resumption of the tournament, which was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the 26th round of the championship, Dortmund Borussia received the Schalke 04 in the famous Ruhr derby and won a major victory, scoring four unanswered goals.

Football is back! Borussia also returned, but Schalke seems to have forgotten to do it. The Ruhr derby turned out to be one-sided, and the strongest at the moment won.

All. Aytekin adds nothing. The final whistle.

Sancho feints with the ball at his front line. He went out to have some fun.

At Schalke, instead of Jonjo Kenny, Timo Becker came out.

A double substitution for Borussia: instead of Raffael Guerreiro and Mohamed Daoud, Marcel Schmelzer and Mario Goetze entered the game.

Rabbi Matondo went dribbling in the penalty area of ​​Dortmund. Hummels in a very risky, but clean tackle knocked the ball from him, and then Matondo felled another defender of Borussia on a yellow card.

The Schalke does not leave languid attempts at attacks, but the next supply from the right flank did not lead to anything.

Moment! Burki gorgeously kicked the ball to the right flank, where Hakimi got ahead of the opponent, processed the ball, dragged it to the penalty area and cut the pass to the far goalkeeper Choland. The Norwegian didn’t have time for the ball very little, otherwise he would shoot the goal.

Guerreiro today struck four blows, scored two goals and makes 91% accurate passes! A very high-quality match from the Portuguese, who recently renewed the contract with Borussia.

Yes, Jadon Sancho is swiftly changing Torgan Azar. Thus, Favre has three more replacements, but one time slot for them.

Kenny rudely met Thurgan Azar. It hurts the Belgian, and Favre is preparing to throw into the battle the unexpectedly left in reserve Jadon Sancho!

Juan Miranda joined the game at Schalke instead of Daniel Caligiuri.

After the corner, Salif Sane struck his head above the gate of Burki.

Lukasz Piscek played with his hand on the flank in a tackle in midfield and received the second yellow card in the match.

The Schalke attack continued, and in the end they overwhelmed Burgstaller in front of the penalty box on the right. Kaliguri did not hit, but filed on the far post, but the defenders carried the ball.

Kenny shoots due to a free kick for luck, but Daoud takes over the shot.

The first substitution from Favre: instead of receiving a card and not playing for a long time before the pause of the season, due to an injury to Thomas Delaney, a young Argentinean Leonardo Balerdi entered the game. The Dane who left the field immediately received his medical mask.

Guerreiro filed for Holland into the penalty area, but a tall, albeit mild, kicked the ball.

Now, the "miners" look already lost. The enthusiasm is gone, Schalke just plays out. Crawls, rather.

But Borussia draws simply beauty! Again a counterattack, but very massive. They played just brilliantly. In the final phase, Hazard otpasoval to Holland, who gave into the penalty area to avoid the offside Guerreira. The Portuguese was with the ball in front of the goalkeeper and sent it with the outside of the foot at nine! Very beautiful and coolly executed.


And all the same, Schalke continues to carefully lean on the penalty box of the hosts. And she can’t go into it yet.

In general, “Borussia” in the first half also did not impress the team for a long time, which throws a string bag, but nevertheless, the hosts have an advantage over the territorial advantage of the guests, of course.

Now Borussia is playing on counterattacks, and Schalke is the first number. But still unsuccessful.

Even losing 0: 3, Schalke flies forward. Arit broke up the attack, and before the penalty, Burgstaller did a great job. He took the ball and shot from the turn - just like in Burki.

In the middle of the field, Delaney hit an opponent with his elbow in the head in a horse fight and received a yellow card.

Schalke does not seem to be lost, but no guests have any ideas yet.

Holland did not immediately recover. Knee to knee he played Sanya. Surprisingly, the defender of the guests escaped the card.

Schalke began the second half with massive attacks, but he himself paid for the counterattack of Borussia. Holland in the center of the field after selecting Hummels in his half managed to push the ball forward before Salif Sane hit him very hard. As a result, Brandt and Torgan Hazard, in fact, left the two together on one defender. The first gave the pass, and the second shot Schubert.


“Schalke” begins actively, and Serdar hits because of the free kick from under the defender, but in the center and directly into Burki’s hands.

Let's go. The second half started.

Schalke had a double substitution at once during the break: Rabbi Matondo and Guido Burgstaller replaced Benito Raman and Jean-Claire Todibo. And three more replacements for Wagner remain.

45 + 2
They did not show the added time, but after a minute and a couple of seconds Aytekin gave a whistle for a break.

Under pressure from Holland, Schubert gives an unsuccessful pass forward to the center line. Daoud intercepts, immediately addresses forward Brandt, who leads Guerreira into the penalty area in the free left half-flank. A shot from the bottom to the far corner, the goalkeeper Schalke does not reach with his foot.


Amin Arit falls in the penalty box of “Borussia”, but Aytekin was nearby and I am sure that there was no foul. Although the Schalke player is very unhappy. In the replay, it seems that Hakimi still had a foul, but definitely beyond the penalty.

Dortmund players can’t squeeze the edge off the corner, but still pick up the ball and carry out the attack. Guerreiro makes a good throw at Brandt, but a little stronger than necessary.

The most powerful and most dangerous blow of Daud is taken by Salif Sane, who hit the ball with his head. Only angular.

Attack of the guests with a transfer from the right flank to the left, but in ... offside.

Todibo is already fine.

There was a tough fight at the front line in half of Schalke. In the end, both players rose. However, in the next episode, Todibo, who participated in the first joint, got into the legs from Daoud. As a result, the French defender even limped over the sideline, writhing in pain.

The control over the ball and the territory is still retained by Borussia. Schalke cannot do anything yet. Burjks are generally without work.

Now the battles have been going on for several minutes in the center of the field. Moreover, football is quite tough, with numerous joints. Nobody spares anyone.

Schalke must somehow respond, somehow change the game, but so far the ball has been saved by Borussia.

From their half, the Dortmund players slowly launched an attack, but when they brought Brandt to a stranger, he put Azar in touch with his heel, which broke through at the speed to the penalty area and shot and filed at Holand. The Norwegian smashed into the far corner without a chance.


And here is the Schalke moment. After the filing from the left flank Kaliguri seemed to be unable to handle the ball, but he rebounded into the defender of “Borussia” and returned to it. A blow from close range followed, which Burki kicked off.

Brandt gave the corner not very well, but the ball returned to him, and there was a second serve, after which the ball bounced to Holland. Kick Norwegian galloping ball fell into the net from the outside. The position was promising.

Beats Hakimi, hits the jumping wall. The ball goes to the corner.

Hazard opened between the lines, received a pass, outplayed Brandt and ran into a foul of Serdar. Now Borussia has a posh position for a free kick. It’s even a pity there is no Royce.

The Gelsenkirchenians slightly pushed the ball away from their goal in the middle of the field, but everything was still under the control of the hosts. In addition to the account.

Borussia play with an obvious advantage. Schalke has a hard time, but the guests defend themselves with great desire and fight back for now.

McKenny makes a long pass on Kenny, but she goes too strong and flies off the front.

His Dortmund players play, but to deliver the ball into the penalty area still does not work.

Now, in the penalty “Schalke” at speed with the ball, Guerreira breaks in already - a cross from the right leads to a corner.

The hosts throw the ball into the right flank for the jet Hakimi, who shoots at the center of the goalkeeper, causing a slight panic there, but still the Schalke defenders make the ball.

There will be no penalty. You can play. Nobody argues.

Submission to the penalty area from the standard from the depths, and Holland shoots into the penalty area from the summer, but the ball from Kenny gets back into the Norwegian and goes on from the goal. At the same time, Aitekin is waiting for a hint from VAR regarding a possible penalty kick for the hand of Schalke defender!

Again active Torgan Hazard. He picked up the ball on the right flank in the center after the horse fight won by Holland and ran into a foul of Nastasich. A verbal warning from Aytekin so far.

Dortmund players play low in front of someone else's penalty, and Holand makes a low pass to move on Brandt, but too much - again the ball is in the hands of Marcus Schubert.

Ta-ah, very interesting. Despite the announcement of the Rhine, Azar still entered the field at the start. He now struck, standing on his feet after a fight in front of the Schalke penalty. Above the gate.

The full-time free-kick performer Kaliguri struck, trying to circle the wall, but got into it.

Arit chicly went in for dribbling with a signature offset to the center left and ran into a foul. The free kick point is simply gorgeous!

Holland found in the final third, he pulled the ball into the penalty area, but far removed from himself, beating the rolling defender, and Schubert managed to get to the ball. The goalkeeper couldn’t catch right away, but Hakimi wouldn’t have time to pick up the rebound - on the second attempt, the Schalke goalkeeper recorded.

A good attack after the selection in the middle of the field could go to the guests. Arith from the left flank moved the ball into the center of McKenney, who was running at good speed. He had several options, but ugly performed one of them - a pass to the right - giving the ball exactly at the feet of the defender.

The hosts seemed to have taken control of the ball, but Schalke, thanks to its high and active pressure, creates the most difficult conditions for the Bumblebees.

It is very unusual to watch football in such an atmosphere and with such acoustics, but we all have to get used to this one way or another. Let's note that the injured Marco Royce doesn’t play at Dortmund today, but Torgan Hazard remained in reserve - his mentor preferred Giovanni Reina.

Let's go! The match has begun.

Perhaps the most reputable German referee at the moment, Deniz Aytekin, serves today's meeting.

Naturally, one cannot ignore the precautions taken in the Bundesliga in the remainder of the season. No handshakes and team photos. Players are not recommended to spit. The base and spare are warming up separately, and players will generally take showers at home. Of course, there will be no spectators in the stands (which, of course, will hit the indescribable atmosphere of this derby).

From the regulatory points: until the end of the season, five substitutions are allowed for each team in each match. But you can do them using only three stops during the meeting. Well, during the break. It will not work to delay time by releasing five substitutes in the end in turn.

This is the first match in the top European football championships after a season halt due to the coronavirus. And immediately Ruhr derby! This game is crucial for both teams and their competitors. The Dortmund team now occupies second place in the table, four points behind Munich Bayern and ahead of RB Leipzig by a point. This is a race for the title.

Schalke is fighting for a place in the Europa League and takes the coveted sixth position with 37 points in the asset. He is 14 points behind the opponent in the match, while Wolfsburg and Freiburg have only a point less than the miners, and Hoffenheim is two points behind. Yes and four points inferior to blue and white, “Cologne” dreams of European competition.

And here is the starting lineup from the head coach of the Gelsenkirchen Schalke David Wagner:

Schubert, Kenny, Todibo, Sana'a, Nastasich, Ochipka, Kaligiuri, Mackenny, Serdar, Arith, Raman.

First of all, let's turn to the lineups. Here is whom the mentor of the Dortmund Borussia, Lucien Favre, released from the first minutes: Buriqi, Pischek, Hummels, Akanji, Hakimi, Delaney, Daoud, Guerreiro, Reina, Brandt, Holand....

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