1X2 tipsters Mirra Andreeva: My dad and I have the same birthday. He and Erica are at another tournament, we`ll celebrate via FaceTime

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Mirra Andreeva spoke about celebrating her birthday at a tournament from 1x2 prediction morata: the idea of playing with ronaldo and dybala excited me all summer in Madrid.
It`s my birthday on Monday, but I don`t feel it. It always falls on some kind of tournament, so I don`t really celebrate.

Maybe after the game we`ll go to a restaurant. It`s also dad`s birthday, but, unfortunately, he won`t be able to come, because he and Erica are at another tournament, also in Spain. We`ll celebrate over FaceTime, so we`ll go out to a restaurant together.

She also said whether she is under pressure in Madrid.

Before the tournament, I felt a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but I understood that I was creating it myself. It helped me. Now I assess the situation like this: Arina Sabalenka is defending her title, and I am only in the fourth round. It`s a big difference. There will be pressure every year. This is something I have to come to terms with.

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