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Roger Federer told how they didn`t want to let him into Wimbledon without a pass. This happened to him two weeks ago at the entrance to the All England Club.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Tokyo for a Uniqlo sponsorship event and then went to London to see a doctor about my knees. I didn`t want to inform the Wimbledon management that I was coming, and I wasn`t sure that I would have time for this. As a result, I quickly freed myself from the doctor; I looked at the time and realized that I had a couple of free hours.

I have never been to Wimbledon before when there is no tournament going on. And so I drive up to the gate where guests usually enter to enter the stadium. I get out of the car and say to my coach Severin, who was with me at the time: Now I will quickly solve everything with the female security guard, everything is under control. How wrong I was.

I got out of the car and asked her: How can I go inside, where is the door or some kind of gate? She answers: Do you have a club membership card? I didn`t even know it existed (Federer became a member of the All England Club after winning Wimbledon in 2003).

I tried to explain that when I usually come here I play in a tournament, that there are always a lot of people on our site, and we enter through a different entrance. Therefore, I don`t know where I can come from at another time, because for the first time I ended up at Wimbledon when the tournament is not going on. I asked again how I could get inside. She says: On the other hand, but you need to be a member of the club. I look at her again, already panicking. I`m still terribly ashamed of those words, I turned to her and said: I won this tournament by 1x2 prediction man city are preparing a selection for 200 million guardiola has a surprising goal for the attack eight times. Believe me, I`m a member of the club, how do I get inside? But she didn`t let me in, and I returned to the car.

Severin asked how everything went, I answered: Don`t even ask! Then I decided to walk around the building and find another entrance, and then a random passerby says: Oh, Mr. Federer, I can`t believe you`re on our website, at Wimbledon! Can we take a selfie? I`m like: Yes! Let`s take a photo! And the security guards were nearby and were like: My God, Mr. Federer, what are you doing on our site? Do you have a club membership card? I answer: No, but can I come in? One of them is: Of course, we will open the door, let me organize it.

I finally made my way inside, talked to everyone, and we drank tea. I thought about waving to that woman while I was already inside, but I didn`t, " Federer said on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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