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Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez was questioned in the case of his fake exam to obtain an Italian passport in September. The footballer was about to be transferred to Juventus and needed the necessary document because he is from outside the European Union. So he showed up at the University of Perugia for a B1 level test. But then it turned out to be a farce because the player knew the answers in advance. Then the result mentioned by 1x2footballtips of the exam was annulled.

According to ANSA, Suarez has been questioned via video link these days in his role as a witness rather than a person under investigation. According to journalist Tancredi Palmeri, the Uruguayan admitted that he knew in advance what the test would contain. The prosecutor`s office has long had information about frauds with exams at the university for foreign nationals in Perugia in question, and for this reason the phones of some of the responsible persons have been tapped.

Professor: At the exam, Luis Suarez was for `6 on the rails`

Otherwise, Suarez`s transfer to Juventus failed and he never needed the test in question.

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