1X2 prediction Medvedev did not give a set to Tsitsipas and is already looking at the dethronement of Djokovic

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Russian Daniil Medvedev qualifies for the first time for the final of the Australian Open. For the 25-year-old Russian, this is the 20th consecutive victory, and in the dispute for the trophy in two days he will face the world No1 and defending his title from the tournament Novak Djokovic.

Medvedev had a serious advantage in the first two sets, showing a very solid game from the bottom of the court, which allowed him to take both parts. In the third set he led 3:1 and had an advantage of 40:15 in the service of the opponent. At that moment, there were hesitations in Medvedev`s game and Tsitsipas took advantage to return the breakthrough and at 3:4 in his favor he even had a chance for a second break, but the Russian reflected it with an ace, and then materialized another breakthrough for 6:5, which turned out to be decisive - 6:4, 6:2, 7:5.

`It wasn`t easy. In the third set he did almost the same thing as against Rafa (Nadal) when he turned the game around and then came to victory. I tightened up, I was even scared at one point. After all, this is a semifinal in the Grand Slam. I had some hesitations on my serve, he had a breakball at 3:4, but at this crucial moment I made an ace, I stayed in the game, at 5:5 I made some amazing shots, a breakthrough again, I managed to control my nerves at the end, I don`t knowwhat would have happened if it had reached the fourth set `, commented Medvedev, who placed 46 winning shots against only 19 of the opponent.
`Maybe the difficult match with Rafa affected him, because in the first set I saw that there are problems when I move him on the court. I tried to do that until the end, ` he added.
Medvedev will fight for the Slam title for the second time after the final of the US Open in 2019, when he lost in five sets to the Spaniard Rafael Nadal.
`The first time I played against one of the greatest. Now I will meet another of the greatest. I don`t know what will happen, but my experience is greater. I don`t have much tension. He has never lost in the final forecast by contacts with football picks here out of eight`He has more pressure to chase Roger (Federer) and Rafa with Grand Slam titles. If I play well, I can win. He has a lot more experience, but also a lot more to lose, ` Medvedev said.

Medvedev did not give a set to Tsitsipas and is already looking at the dethronement of Djokovic 1X2 prediction - more details and information: 1X2 prediction

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