1X2 tip Toto Wolff: Mexico Grand Prix is Mercedes` best chance to win in 2022

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Toto Wolff estimated the chances of Mercedes winning the Mexico City Grand Prix.

George Russell will start the race in second, Lewis Hamilton in third, with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen starting from pole.

Probably, in my whole life I was confident in something only a few times and never in Formula 1. To be honest, I don`t know.

Annoying that we are not on pole - we could put a tick. On the other hand, Max starting behind us would have created a problem, given his superior top speed. Perhaps we will get an advantage thanks to the start from the second and third places. I hope I can get the nose cone of one or both of the cars through the first turn and come off. But, of course, it will be hard, " said the chief executive of Mercedes.

Wolff agrees that the Mexico City Grand Prix is the team`s best opportunity to win so far this year:

I think yes. We kept in mind [the race in Mexico] as the most suitable, the simulations showed it. It`s great that the virtual world corresponds to the real one. The main thing is that we really have a pace.

For many years, Mexico did not suit us because of the height. But the guys behind the power plant provided us with a super powerful engine for this stage. Here we suffer less from high drag, although we use a configuration with high downforce, like all other teams. In general, the track suits us better than in the past.

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