1X2 tipster Ex-Pep assistant: The decision to not start Ronaldo is said to be great, but if Portugal lost 0-2, it would have been terrible. In hindsight everything is strong

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Ex-assistant of Pep Guardiola commented on the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to the reserve of Portugal.

People are saying that keeping Ronaldo out of Portugal`s start for the 2022 World Cup Round of 16 game according 1x2 prediction man city are preparing a selection for 200 million guardiola has a surprising goal for the attack [against Switzerland] is a great decision. But even the Greek philosophers said: all is well that ends well. But until the end has come, we are silent - just in case. This is called opportunism.

You hear different opinions about football - what part of them sounds before the starting whistle? Pay attention to what they say before matches, if there, of course, there is a rational grain at all. In hindsight, everything is strong.

Lose Portugal 0-2, the decision to leave Ronaldo on the bench would be terrible. How the hell do you give number 9 to a guy who`s been playing at the top level for four days?

Sometimes it seems to me that 90 minutes of a match is almost an inconvenience for those who just want to praise the winners and pour shit on the losers.

As for the guy who replaced Ronaldo, Goncalo Ramos. . . I am more surprised not that Ronaldo did not play, but that it was not Leau who came out instead of him, - said Juanma Lillo, in June from Manchester City to work as head coach of Al Sadd.

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