1X2 tipsters Becker, after being released from prison, is ready to be hired by the German Tennis Federation

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The German Tennis Federation is ready to hire Boris Becker again.

He is currently serving a prison sentence in the UK for violating bankruptcy laws and concealing assets. In December, he should be released and deported to his homeland.

The doors of the federation are always open for Boris Becker. When he has served his sentence, nothing will prevent him from returning to his duties. The need for resocialization concerns everyone, including Boris Becker.

Boris has many different possibilities: to become the head of men`s tennis, a representative, a member of the board or someone else. Simply put, Boris can choose to work, " said federation vice-president Dirk Hordorff.

However, according to him, only employment on an unpaid basis is possible.

Becker has been head of men`s tennis since mid-2017 and left at the end of 2020 due to time constraints.

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