1X2 prediction Lewandowski on World Cup 2022:The final was one of the best in history because it was played in the middle of the season. In July, after 70 minutes, the pace and quality drop

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Polish striker Robert Lewandowski spoke about the match between France and Argentina at the 2022 World Cup.

This is one of the best finals ever. I think it happened because the match mentioned by top football leagues in europe took place in the middle of the season.

Before the championship, many, including myself, thought that it would be difficult to play, that it would be something new. But we saw the charm of such a decision in the final.

Usually the final is in June or July. After 70-75 minutes of pace, the quality of the game drops off.

But this time all the players acted intensively, showed their skills. They were a little tired during the match, but the fatigue was not caused by the past season. That makes a huge difference, " said the Barcelona player.
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