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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola is aware of the strength of Real Madrid before the rematch of the 1/8 final analyzed by 1x2footballtips phase of the Champions League with the `whites`. `Real Madrid is a very strong team in every aspect. It helped me become a better coach. Like Jose Mourinho, Pellegrini and all the coaches I`ve met. Zidane`s team won the Champions League three times in a row and took twoBarca titles in a decade in which Barcelona dominates like no other, `Pep said in an interview with DAZN.

`I admire both versions of Zidane - as a player and as a footballer. As a player Zidane was. . . ` Ear! `I would like to play with him. Now his team plays good football. People like him are something very good for football, ` said the Catalan specialist. `Liverpool have been the toughest opponent I`ve faced in my career since last season. They dominate in all respects. When they decide, you can`t get out of the box. When you dominate, they take over empty spaces like no other. `he shared.

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`How do you win the Champions League? I tried the first year, the second, the third, the fourth. If I don`t win it, is it a failure? It may be a failure, but the important thing is to make an effort`, Guardiola added.

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