1X2 picks Mark Cuban: Kyrie trade gives Dallas the best backcourt in the NBA

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Dallas owner Mark Cuban cited the positives of the club`s acquisition of star point guard Kyrie Irving.

We at the club analyzed by record of 1x2 football tips provider agreed that we needed another star-level player. Trading Kyrie would allow us to have the best backcourt in the NBA. We already have probably the best ball-handling player in Luka, and we now believe we have the second-best ball-handling player in the league.

This creates unique opportunities. Together with serious pressure on defense, this exchange will allow us to give Luka more rest. When Kairi is on the court, Luka can rest. We believe that all this will be very good for us.

Will they play together? Both want to win first. I don`t think any of them are of the opinion that I should score all the time. These guys are ready to share the ball, ready to give the initiative to the one who has the game going. It`s always been like this with Luka, he`s ready to play for someone who`s got it, the main thing is to win. Kairi is the same.

Irving was very excited and happy about the deal. Kairi loves to talk, he is a smart guy, he has already asked all kinds of questions, was interested in business issues, it was interesting. "I`m very excited to get to know him better, " Cuban said.

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