1X2 tip The coach of Leipzig dreams of a concrete result against Atletico M.

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During a virtual press conference, the head coach of RB (Leipzig) Julian Nagelsman spoke to the media about the upcoming quarter-final match of his team against that of Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. The final stages of the tournament prediction by 1x2footballtips will be played in Portugal on a neutral field, and the winners will be determined only after one match. The Germans meet Diego Simeone on August 13.

`Our preparation for the Champions League is going well. I am satisfied with the training sessions and the boys are doing their best. Our training in Lisbon will not be tactical, but rather ones that will keep us fresh so that we can enter strongly in`We want to be ready to play a full 90 minutes plus extra time. We have already seen that the teams that played in the Champions League this week were not 100% ready - it would be strange if they were, ` said Nagelsman. Regarding the team`s tactics, the specialist added: `We are trying to prepare for any scenario of the match. We must be patient against Atletico. They are amazing in defense, confident with the ball and are very dangerous on the counterattack. They attack at highWe have to be careful with their attack and try to avoid conceding goals and just be patient. We have to find a way to avoid their counterattacks, but also to be dangerous. A 1-0 result will be enough for us. `

Nagelsman highlighted the role of team midfielder Emil Forschberg, who has become one of the main figures in the team. However, the specialist admitted that he has not yet decided on the starting lineup with which he will face in the upcoming clash.

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